Saturday 28 April 2012

Cheech and Chong showcase for iOS

Cheech and Chong App:
The Fatty

Cheech and Chong have quite the following worldwide so it was only a matter of time before an app celebrating everything that is Cheech and Chong about the loveable stoner pair was released on iOS.

The stoner app will appeal to both long term fans of Cheech and his buddy; those embracing a shall we say 'freer lifestyle choic' when it comes to their favourite form of getting high and of course those who are liberal enough to see the great humpour in Cheech and Chong.

I must admit that I've never really known much about the stoner comedy duo beyond my parents watching a few of their videos late at night, and packing me off to bed whilst they did so-we are talking decades ago here by the way , so the high as a kite comedians have been around for ages. So what is the significance of 4:20? I'll have to do a web search to find out-but I'm sure long term fans will get some laughs from one of the apps features: The 4.20 clock that is always that significant cheech and Chong Time( with interchangeable faces too). Other features like 'Kush Notifications' and the "Cheech and Chong 4:20 Social Planner" are also nice touches bringing a bit of useful planning functionality to this comedy stoner app.

"The Stoner" is highly emebedded into net functionality too, with all many features linking in to social services like Twitter and Facebook. Premium features like a Cheech and Chong Soundboard and " The Head Shop" ( Cand C mechandise?) can also be accessed. Now if you're a fan and manage to come down from your high for a bit you can also get your head around "The Chronic" accessed from in app and bringing the latest stoner news your way! Useful I suppose to stay on the right side of the law when smoking illegal substances-who thought there'd be an app to help out with cannabis legalities!

The front end with the pet Iguana (fans help me out here-what is Cheech and Chong's Iquana's name?) who breathes dubious smoke when prodded and the '80s joint car with pink fluffy dashboard and chain  steering wheel is a nice touch too.

Other in app features to look forward to when they are released are "Cheech and Chong Photo Booth", Stoner exercises-" The ultimate Stoner workout (Get Ripped with Tommy Chong) !" ; stoner recipes courtesy of " Get baked with Cheech Marin" and Cheech and Chong fans who are iPhone owners will love this one: "Ice-Cream Truck across the Sky" .

Glazy eyed fans will be putting aside their joint money in  anticipation of all these features, as a portal to all things Cheech and Chong on the internet and iOS The Stoner" is unparalleled.


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