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What are the New Gadgets and Achievements for Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Update with new Gadgets and Achievements

Jetpack Joyride Updates

Barry Steakfries is back -sort of-Jetpack Joyride has just received some awesome gadgets and new achievements in a new update. Our original JetpackJoyride Achievements article is still just as popular as ever, but what with all the new and nifty gadgets that Halfbrick has brought our way with the new Jetpack Joyride update we felt it deserved a whole seperate article. Thanks Halfbrick for making one of the best endless runner type apps on iOS even better.

New Jetpack Joyride Updates-New Gadgets and Achievements and how much the new gadgets cost (How many Jetpack Joyride Gadgets are there any way? And where do I get the gadgets from?)

There are 15 gadgets in the new upgrade and we're going to try tell you the best bits about them in this article:

Jetpack Joyride Gadgets update
Using New Ipad app gadgets: Air Barrys;
Nerd Repellant and Insta-Ball
Don't like those Jetpack building scientists? Let Barry chase them away with his Nerd Repellent Spray!(2000 coins)

Vehicles like CashBird and Lil' Stomper have always had their coin magnet upgrades-now you can buy yourself a Jetpack Joyride Magnetic Tokens (6000 coins) upgrade too

Anti gravity boots let Barry change the gravity as much as he wants. Think you're falling too fast? The Gravity Belt Gadget (5000 coins) will help with that and make you fall even faster.

One of the worst things about Jetpack Joyride Vehicles is that just when you think you've benefitted and found a new powerup for Joyride you get a vehicle that is just inappropriate for the Jetpack achievement you want. Example: Going for the Fly close to the red Light Achievement-well the last vehicle pickup you want is the Gravity suit then, isn't it. So welcome in the new Jetpack Joyride XRay Specs( which let you see what the next pickup is going to be. Probably not from Specsaver or your local optician , but The Stash currently has a special for X-Ray Specs costing 4500 coins.

Want more Final Spin Tokens-A new upgrade allows you to buy them with Token Gift costing 5000 coins.

Like the Final blast Upgrade? Imagine how far you could go with a bouncy Barry Steakfries! Now you can with the new bouncy upgrade. Instaball (2000 Jetpack Coins)

Jetpack Joyride missiles proving to be a pain for Barry Steakfries? Use the new missile jammer gadget (5000 coins) that makes them go all wobbly!

And the height of Jetpack fashion? Air Barry's , super jetpack sneakers that let you instantly jump into the middle of the screen instead of slowly wobbling up there on a dodgy Jetpack. Air Barries are available at most game retailers-ie.The Stash for 3500 coins

Best Jetpack Joyride gadget
New Jetpack Joyride Gadgets
And what does the Freeze-o-Matic do? Well it's instant Barry Steakfries popsicle time as you snap freeze and gain a few metres of icy sliding when the hard running comes to an end.

And how exactly do I earn more coins in Jetpack Joyride? You could try the Gemology Gadget that gets you more coins for your buck by turning them shiny doubloons into high valaue gems.

Still unsure of those missiles or looking for a last minute dodge achievement? Then try Ezy-Dodge Missiles , worth every Jetpack penny at only 5500 coins. (Anything to help with those updated or old achievements!)

Umm, this is kind of a crazy one and I haven't bought it yet so am still waiting to find out what the Flying Pig Gadget (6000 coins) does. Comments welcome!

Okay let's make Barrie's life even easier with some of the best new gadgets straight from the Halfbrick Mad Scientist testing zone:
Choose your Jetpack Joyride best vehicle with the Free Ride Gadget (5000 coins), get even more coins to spend on the new gadgets with the Coin Magnet (6000 coins) and Lucky Last (5500 coins)  which guarantees a winning Final Spin token.

Unlock Jetpack Joyride Gadgets in the Stash section of the game with earned coins.

And what's the best feature of the new Jetpack Joyride Gadgets?
You can combine 2 at once for some hilarious results-up to 100 combinations. To get the new gadgets you will have to work through 5 sectors to unlock them for purchase.

New Achievements in Jetpack Joyride
The update hasn't just bought us a ton of cool gadgets but also some new achievements to unlock:
Get Another way in Jetpack Joyride Achievement
New Jetpack Joyride Achievements

CRACKLING – Destroy a flying pig with a missile.
REJECTED – Just go past the token gift without getting it.
ANOTHER WAY IN – Start the game without breaking the laboratory wall (see comments in our previous article for advice on how to achieve the Another Way in Achievement).
MIX ‘N’ Match – Equip 50 unique gadget combos

What a game and what a massive update! Now to go off and get all those new Jetpack Joyride Game Centre Achievements!

The Fans want more though, so hopefully in the future if the Halfbrick Fans are listened to we can expect:

  • iCloud Sync between devices
  • and Improved Retina Display Graphics for the New iPad.


  1. I don't arrive the achievement REJECTED !

    Help me !


  2. Same here, how to succeed in getting "Rejected"?
    Which "token gift" rare you referring to?

  3. The easiest, and only way, to get the Jetpack Joyride Rejected achievement is to buy the Token Gift Gadget, use the gadget and don't collect the final spin token. Achievement complete.Have fun.

  4. to unlock the achievement another way in simply tap the screen immediately after u start the game :D i got it on my first try XD

    1. you don't have to tap, it's the teleporter that's important

    2. whats the teleporter

  5. and i forgot to mention u also have to have the free ride gadget

  6. This is really a great news for me to which I was looking for, just hope that they wouldn't have add anything to which I have get used to.

  7. Those sneaky Halfbrick developers putting multiple ways to get Jetpack achievements, cheeky! Thanks for the great advice.

  8. How do you get the "Walkies" achievement?

  9. Walkies: take flash(gadget) on a 10 km walk and Rejected: ignore the token gift (also gadget) when flying

    1. So you keep walking flash several times (ignoring the token gift every time), until you reach the 10 km mark?

    2. Ok, I figured it out. I misunderstood your reply. I thought you needed both the token gift and flash at the same time. Thanks!!

  10. how to succeed in the archievment "good work, sierra"? what are the obstacles?

    1. WEll to do it is to You know the stash screen? yeah staaare at it for 10 min (or just do something else) :3

  11. Whenever I start running I immediately am going insanely fast. Is there any way to fix this?

    1. Not a problem we've heard of before, all we can think of is that somehow a Headstart boost is being used, a general reset should sort this and any other problem out though. (We've done some forum exploring and found that it could be a difficulty related problem, also some Android owners running custom roms report similar problems)

  12. What the flying pig and the free ride gaget is that Free ride gives you a random ride at the beggining and Flying pig:most of the time there's going to be a pig leaving a trail of coins then if you brake (touch) it'll drop a TON of coins!

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