Monday 2 April 2012

Defense Zone HD and other Tower Defense Games

Use Machine Gun Turrets and Rocket Launchers

       What’s the Best Free “Defense” Game for Android? (Lite games included) There are plenty of defense games out there. Many of them don’t really differentiate themselves from others. This is a bad thing. Well, a review request was made for Defense Zone HD. To be honest I was doubtful at first if this game was worth reviewing. When I finally tried it along with the few free Defense games that I could find, I found out why the contact from wasn’t afraid to make the request. Defense Zone HD is one of the best looking free defense games I could find. The graphics are geared toward looking realistic as opposed to looking like cartoons. The menu, loading screen, and stages are heavily detailed and don't come off as cheap. The stages look like zoomed out overhead views of HD console shooter games. It reads touches fairly well. The rock sound effects and music are well developed. Gameplay animation is really smooth. The game shows you the area of reach of the unit if you were to deploy the unit at that location. I found this to be a very helpful feature that isn’t available on all tower defense games. You aren’t limited to placing your units on only a few spots on a small grid stage, although some places are strategically better to have units on than others of course. Available units that I’ve gotten to use so far are machine gun turrents, missile launchers and nitroglycerin spraying units (looks like a flamethrower that shoots out blue flames to slow the targets). These aren’t the official names of the units, just my guesses. You can upgrade each unit to double it's firepower. When upgrading, the changes in firepower and reach is displayed. You get a small break after each wave. Another neat feature this game has is you can click on the wave button if you're ready for the next wave before your break time is up. One very minor setback was that the app doesn’t tell you the strength of the units, but you can easily figure it out once you start playing. Sadly the free version only has 2 stages with 3 levels of difficulty and will most likely leave you wanting more levels. Those two levels are definitely enough to get a good feel of the game if you want to give it a try. The full version can be bought for $2.99 on GooglePlay. It's also available for iphones. This game is relatively new and definitely looks and plays like it.

Each background is detailed to look realistic.

My thoughts and some information on a few other free defense tower applications.

    Fantasy Kingdom:This game was loads of fun. The graphics are neatly detailed nice flash looking. Enemies may come from different portals instead of from just one location. You can clearly see what level your unit is by looking directly under your unit. Here you also get to see the area each unit can attack before permanently placing your unit at a location. So far my available units are knights, archers, wizards, and a higher class of knights. The higher classes can be permanently purchased outside of battle with points you accumulate in the game. Definitely one of the funner ones in my opinion with more features for free. These games take more than a few minutes to beat on the later levels. So get ready to kill more than a minute.



Devils at the Gate:This game has the best Cartoon graphics I’ve seen for a defense game. If you’ve seen Asian oriented flash artwork, you might get the feeling this is an example when you see this game. That’s because the developers are Chinese.  The units look cell shaded with detail. The stages are small grids, but are also very nice looking. The rock battle music is great and upbeat. Another good quality of this game is that it automatically saves when you close or exit the app. This game did however turn my  screen very dark sometimes during loading. 

   Empire Defense 2:Has a storyline/dialogue that reminds me a lot of Dynasty Warriors (lots of  Chinese names included).  Instead of protecting a tower or base, you are to protect your main character. However, that character attacks the enemy once right before he can be hit by the enemy. That general also has a special move that deals major damage, at least 5 times a normal hit from a regular unit. This special move is charged at the beginning of each stage, and must be recharged after being used. The first special move available hits in a “+” formation all the way though the stage from your general’s spot. I believe your general gets one square movement per wave. One more thing, the path that the enemy takes is the same path you move your general during the battle.

    Epic Defense: This game has a different approach to the defense games. Your units are all towers. You choose from a red, blue, and yellow stone that you pick up and equip your towers with. Red seems like short strong attack. Blue shoots one shot of ice at a time to slow the target. Yellow is like an archer, longer ranged weaker and quicker attack. Each tower may be equipped with up to three stones of any combination with every combination having it’s own tower transformation.  For example, three red stones get you a volcanoe. Although a different concept to the genre, it didn’t really appeal to me. None of my units were alive or fighting.

The developer Central Bites has a quite a few tower defense apps out there that looks exactly or almost exactly the same.  I only tried one of their games and found one interesting feature of the game. Your units aren’t stationary. You may command them to move across the stage. However, you must keep watch on them because they may and will move closer to engage close enemies. Enemies come from various places from the map. The graphics here were very disappointing and I found myself not wanting to see them on my smartphone. 

     All the pictures were taken from their shopping pages from GooglePlay

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