Tuesday 3 April 2012

Minimalist and Iconic Gaming Shirts - Espada Unlimited

Looking for gaming t-shirts? If so, do we have a deal for you. Video gaming apparel has been getting popular lately and hard not to notice at shopping malls. We are proud to announce the launch of Espada Unlimited. Visit http://www.espadalimited.com/clothing.php for a selection of gaming shirts with reference to Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and more. Here is a word from the founder of Espada Unlimited.

“We have seen a rise in competitive gaming, e-sports, and huge gaming titles that touch every part of our community.  I wanted to create a line of designs that brought us gamers back to our roots and reminded us of the beginnings we all share in common.”

The regular price is $24.00 per shirt in various sizes. Shipping is $2.50. Now the deal. Use the codeword “gametrender” to get 30% OFF. That’s at least $7 off.  Wear and show off a piece of gaming.

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