Saturday 7 April 2012

Dog Chase -Cute Endless Runner hits the Appstore

As far as endless runners go "Dog Chase" certainly ticks all the boxes. With a variety of ever so cute dogs to play as and a variety of obstacles to overcome in your saunter through the two worlds currently on offer for the Iphone and Ipad endless runner you'll have a job on your hands to get those high scores.

Developed by up and coming Indie outfit RowdyApps using the renowned Corona Software SDK the game has bags of potential. For a quick pick up and play score-a-thon you can't go far wrong considering the iPad/iPhone app also has a free version available with fewer characters and worlds to explore. As a dog lover you're certain to take to the sweet canine heroes Max; Dewey and Sophie. With a simple premise to avoid nasty creatures, especially the notorious dog catcher and keep your dogs happy by collecting biscuits and balls the iphone/ipad app is certainly worth a quick and fun blast. Naturally dog lovers and those enjoying a challenge will be right at home with the app. Game Center integration and Achievements also add to a very well rounded package.

For developers new on the scene Rowdy Apps have managed to pack a lot into this canine capers app. With a bit of tweaking to the games speed and challenges thrown in the app longevity and fun factor will be increased even more. These Corona Indie devs have certainly shown a love for their apps and if more of the same is on the horizon then we can certainly expect some good things from Rowdy and their doggy friends.
RowdyApps Website

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  1. Sounds like a cool game - thanks for the heads up on it


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