Monday 30 April 2012

FavesDial on iOS

Contact Customisation for iOS
Say what you will about the iPad and iPhone, despite being fantastic devices they're not very customisable nor easily personalised. FavesDial is set to change that, with a new and unique interface for iPhone and iPad to get hold of your contacts.

FavesDial is a highly configurable iOS dialer that brings one touch email; Facetime; text or  calling ability to your Smartphone. The app is very good looking with a nice clean interface that makes contacting people just so easy. The icons employed by the custom dialer are bright and bold with the relevant means of contact available in each corner. The icons are further customisable with three different icon sizes giving the ability to have up to 16 contacts on your screen at once. 
While the app is free it also has premium themes which can add even more to the ease of use and just sheer good looks of a very simple yet effective app. We wouldn't be surprised if Apple didn't include their equivalent of FavesDial in a future iOS update

Download the custom dialer, FavesDial from the Appstore.

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  1. FavesDial is great app, with the help of this app one can easily recognize the individual by their picture and can tap one of the sides to start a corresponding activity.


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