Monday 30 April 2012

OPS Institute - Earn College Credit with your Smart Phone

         Ever wished you could move your classes to specific times to fit your schedule? That’s been possible with online courses, but with OPS Institute, you may even take courses through your smart phone.  Currently only available on Android OS. Other platforms may gain support in the future. The phone courses gives credit to University Courses/

       Each course is an app on Google Play. This allows each course to be reviewed by students and prospective students to read those reviews before committing. There are likely other enrollment and other fees or requirements that we are not aware of. Please contact the schools directly for further detailed information. It is highly recommended that you check the full degree outline before making any purchases with the intent on earning a degree. Although the phone courses are the full courses, Degrees will most likely require off phone courses as well.

        Most prices vary from FREE to $24.95, up to $100 for each class. This is a lot cheaper than prices for traditional college classess. If you were ever interested in online courses, this new ability to take courses through your phone may just add enough of a convenience factor to help you make your decision.

Courses include but are not limited to:
(taken from the actual website)

Emergency Management Courses

    Social Media for Public Safety

Fire Service Courses

    Airport Rescue Firefighter
    ARFF Driver/Operator
    Driver/Operator- Mobile Water Supply
    Driver/Operator- Pumping Apparatus
    Driver/Operator- Aerial Apparatus
    Firefighter I
    Firefighter II
    Fire and Emergency Service Orientation and Terminology (FESHE)
    Fire Inspector I
    Fire Inspector II
    Fire Inspector III
    Fire Instructor I
    Fire Instructor II
    Fire Instructor III
    Fire Officer I
    Fire Officer II
    Fire Officer III
    Fire Officer IV
    Fire Prevention Application for the Company Officer (FESHE)
    Fire Protection Structures and Systems (FESHE)
    Health and Safety Officer
    Incident Safety Officer
    Fire Scene Communications
    NFA’s Calling the Mayday
    Portable Fire Extinguishers
    Public Safety Telecommunicator I
    Public Safety Telecommunicator II
    Public Safety Telecommunicator III
    Rescue Company Tools and Equipment Operations
    Strategy and Tactics (FESHE)
    Vehicle Fires

General Studies Courses

    Acids and Bases
    Beginner’s Spanish
    Career Decisions
    Digital Citizenship
    English Composition
    Fitness Trends
    Introduction to Biology
    Introduction to Chemistry
    Introduction to Economics
    Introduction to Grammar
    Introduction to Health and Fitness
    Introduction to Leadership
    Risk Management
    Sports Psychology
    Structure of an Atom

Hazardous Materials/ Weapons of Mass Destruction Courses

    Air Monitoring and Detection Strategies
    Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations
    Introduction to Hazmat and WMD

Industrial Safety Courses

    Exit Routes Emergency Planning
    Hazardous Communications
    Introduction to OSHA
    OSHA Recordkeeping
    Personal Protective Equipment
    Respiratory Protection

Law Enforcement and Security Courses

    Law Enforcement Drivers Training
    Surviving Traffic Duty

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