Friday 13 April 2012

Fun A-maze-ing Cat Antics on iPad and iPhone

CatCity now on  the Appstore
Sometimes games come along with just the simplest of concepts, iOS is well know for these simple games, but with awesome polish panache and playability these games can soon become immensely addictive fun.

Of course PacMan was the original Maze-'em up (and can still be even found on the Appstore!) but play a game like CatCity on your retina ready iPad or iPhone and you can just see how far the basic maze game has come.

The Cool cats of CatCity
With a recent release on the Appstore CatCity is sure to be a big hit as more and more players are expected to flock to the adictive maze game. Cats of  course are the hit of the show here and Nitro1, the studio behind the addictive game, has really imbued them with a lot of personality and distinctive characteristics that will make your cat avatar stand out. And stand out it should as when you take the game online we expect the multiplayer component of CatCity to be a runaway hit.
Pseudo 3D graphics make this
maze-em-up addictive and fun

So how does this new and exciting Maze game with Cats play out? Well firstly there's got to be a baddy in all of this. So top tip number one is to avoid Buster the BullDog, as not only is he intent on chasing you down through the attractivel designed pseudo 3D streets ,but he's also been stealing your favourite Kitty treats which you need to track down through the 3 beautiful cities on offer. And in a cunning twist the objects are never placed in the same locations,lending massive replayability to the game. Of course if you just want to be a wandering kitty, then there's always the option to turn Buster off/ Not in multiplayer mode though where the game becomes intensely competitive and CatCity really comes out scractching and biting and can only be accurately described as "Capture the Flag on iPad (with Cats!)"
Choose your favourite kitty on the appstore with CATCITY

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