Friday 13 April 2012

Webconferencing on iPad

Is the iPad an effective tool for web conferencing?
Firstly it must be understood that there is no real substitute for real face to face interaction with customers, the iPad and other tablets can't replace that. However as business has evolved to a point where it's more than feasible to have different branches of your company at separate global locations, web conferencing has become the defacto standard for weekly business meetings and feedback.
My argument is that as technology like iPad's have become an industry and personal standard for mobile computing , so has the need for a global business to use these tools for their conferences become not the luxury it once was but a necessity.

How can we improve Web Conferencing on iPad
With Apple Airplay and the ability to put the iPad's screen onto another monitor or television a whole new dimension of tablet web conferencing has been opened up. A normal web conference involves a talking head scenario-fine if you're trying to observe non verbal cues, haptics and paralanguage . Not so fine for delivering content. However if a person in a web conference on their iPad is able to project their figures, data, meta statistics or graphics alongside their own image then with the use of Airplay another participant in the conference can talk using the iPad screen and simultaneously project the other data onto a separate screen

Is the iPad powerful enough to web conference and display a virtual monitor?
That is a question that I'm going to have to leave to the developers of web conferencing tools for iOS, as a merely speculative article I'm hoping that these ideas will be taken up as they could have groundbreaking future results for a new level of iPad business involvement.

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