Thursday 12 April 2012

How to find your iPad or iPhone serial number and become an app tester

We're going to find out how to "Find the serial number for your iPhone or iPad" in this article. To become an app tester on iOS you'll need this iOS serial number to enable developers to allow you access to test builds of their apps from the Appstore.

Using iTunes on PC to find iPad/iPhone Serial Number

Where to find iPad/iPhone serial number in iTunes
  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC in the normal way
  2. Double click iTunes to start it.
  3. Click on your device name  under the left menu bar “DEVICES”
  4. Click on Summary
  5. Click on the word  “Serial Number” 
  6. Retrieve the “Identifier”, a 40 digit hex code, this is what a developer will need to enable your iDevice to be listed as a test device for their apps.
Now that you know where to find the serial number for your iDevice (sometimes known as the UDID) you have to go find a friendly Apple app developer who wants to have their apps tested. Gametrender recommends App developer forums such as the "Corona SDK" forum to find developers who want their apps testing.

Why become an iOS App tester.
There's a number of benefits to becoming an app tester. It's hard to find paid work as an app tester ,but if you're just genuinely interested in helping iPad and iPhone developers to make better apps than you're heading in the right direction. Also the amount you'll learn about the app industry and advice you'll find for improving your own app programming is also invaluable.


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