Saturday 14 April 2012

iPhone Golfing App

Golf scoring is one of the
myriad features.
Every once in a while an iPhone app comes out that just absolutely makes other apps of it's type look paltry in comparison. "Who's Your Caddy" is one of those apps. This iPhone Golf app is aimed at golfers of every level. Just looking at the feature set is enough to make us think that this app could change your Golf game for the better.

Why "Who's Your Caddy" is a top Golfing App
It's not just hyperbole that this app can improve your golf and change the way you play a round of Golf. Let's look at ways that Golfers will benefit from using this from booking their green fees, to teeing off, to choosing which club to use.
Firstly the position that I'm reviewing this sports app from is purely a weekend Golfer's position. I don't play nearly regularly enough to warrant even having a handicap (who's got the time when you're reviewing great apps like this!). But even on my occasional hack-a-thons I can see how this caddy in your pocket would help. 

Massive Golfing database
The feature set is enormous so I'll just mention a few standout features. The iPhone Golfing database that Red Mat Media has managed to accumulate is huge. The Golf course data base as you would expect gives you course locations and the ability to book a round of Golf using your iPhone. Many lesser apps would leave it there. WYC doesn't because you also have the ability to view course layout and use one of the most powerful GPS tools around to find pitch perfect distances to Greens, locations of sandtraps and all other associated features of your selected course.

So far you've probably seen these features in other sporting apps, well let's take it one step further. The prodigious Golfing database also includes written and video caddy tips for your favourite golf course(19,000 courses in the database and growing). And if these caddy tips specific to your course aren't enough to improve your Golf game using your Iphone, than what about a Golf video library accessible from your iPhone that has golf pros and experts worldwide giving advice on Swing; grip; putting and other golfer's skills to make you a more well rounded player.

And if this is just all too much, then just use the app to record your Golf score,compare your putting and Driving and other statistics and generally keep track of your Handicap and play by play performance.

Never have we seen a Golfing App that just does so much! As a child growing up I had a big book of Golfing tips that had advice and help from greats of that time like Arnold Palmer and Gary Player (certain aged sportsman would remember these greats of the sport) and a round would of course be scored on the courses cheap cardboard scorecard (I never did manage to get more than three birdies a round and never mind an Eagle or an Albatross) . Looking nostalgically back at a childhood playing beginner level Golf I wonder what would have become of my Golfing skills had I had access to such a comprehensive Golf app as "Who's Your Caddy".
Truly a superb and all round brilliant Golfing App for your iPhone or iPad: Download from the Appstore for Free!


  1. Sounds like something I should really use - downloading now! Thanks for a great overview.

  2. I can't believe this app is free and awesome! I used it yesterday and can't wait to play again so I can use it. Kinda bummed I paid $20 on a golf GPS app last year. Thanks for the review.

  3. I really love to play Golf but it's not always possible for me to spare sometime on it and to play it on the ground. In this term this app does work well for me, now I am able to play golf according to my convenience.

  4. This is a really awesome mobile iPhone Golf app. Amazing App everyone can join gold with this App. I want fully appreciate to this iphone developing team.

  5. This app is really good apart from few issues. Personally I would recommend it to those who don't have spare time to play it on the ground.

  6. I have personally used it and it is awesome in every terms.


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