Tuesday 17 April 2012

Android Meme Maker: Reacticons

Add style to Android messages.
Memes are kinda a big deal nowadays, so of course are Android Phones, so a mixture of the two is sure to raise some eyebrows and bring a lot of amusement and fun to you and your friends. Reacticons is a fun Android Gallery App that brings the power of memes and the best way to react to people to your Android Phone. 

Text messages are always filled with the standard emoticons and LoL type of text. So naturally now that we have the power of our Android phones at our fingertips it's time to move on . And Reacticons gives us just the way to do that. The Android Meme gallery app connects you to the exhaustive database of Reacticons.com where you'll find tens of thousands of Memems and funny stock images to use for your Android phone. Combine this with the ability to add these Memes to text messages and Share on the big social sites like Twitter and Facebook the Reacticons app is pure gold for Android Smartphone users and yet another way that our phones have of enhancing,improving and making our messages really stand out and show our feelings. 

You'll be able to download Memes and images for your Android phone that are sorted out in comprehensive categories like Sad, Amused and Gross. You'll also be able to make your own Android Memes by adding messages to any of the images you use. What a cool and fun way to communicate with your Android Phone!

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