Monday 30 April 2012

Moshi Monsters Record Breaking Game

Here at Gametrender we first encountered Moshi Monsters just over 2 years ago when the third eldest in the house jumped on the average Pre-teen Bandwagon that made the loveable and fun Moshi Monsters such a smash hit. Moving on a bit, both for us and Mindcandy, the team behind Moshi Monsters, the game has soared to new heights of success and has just recently become the longest ever number one in Nintendo DS Chart History (we're still awaiting signs of a godd Moshi Monster game on the Appstore and for Android though!)

Here's MindCandy's Press Release

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo knocks Brain Training from top of Nintendo DS™ chart to make video game history
Moshi Monsters Press Release
VideoGame Record Breaker

 Moshi Monsters’ debut video game Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo has become the longest ever number one in Nintendo DS™ chart history by knocking Nintendo’s Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training from the top spot.

Launched just six months ago in November 2011, Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo has made video game history by holding the top position for a record breaking 15 consecutive weeks.

The game has fought off stiff competition from Nintendo classics such as Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call and Pok√©mon Black Version

“This is the first video game we've ever published at Mind Candy so we're delighted and amazed by how well it has done.  We're lucky to have such a passionate fanbase of Moshi players” said Michael Acton Smith, creator and CEO of Moshi Monsters.
Developed by well-renowned US based gaming developer, Black Lantern and published by Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), Moshi Monsters™: Moshling Zoo offers fans a fresh new take on the Moshi Universe by building on the popularity of the collectable “Moshlings” (pets for your pet monsters), and  provides a new way to interact with their favorite characters. The game features new locations and an exclusive new Moshling - Nipper the Titchy Trundlebot. From the common to the rare, there are 52 Moshlings to collect including the elusive ‘ULTRA-RARE’ – find them if you can! Children can also play new mini-games, educational style puzzles, as well as win awards and trophies to take back to their zoo.

And craziest Moshi  Monster news of them all, just proving how much videogames shape modern entertainment. News from the Press release shows what we think is the highest debuting video game inspired music album:

The monster success isn’t just confined to the video game charts – the recently released debut music album, Moshi Monsters: Music Rox!, reached number four in the Official Music Charts this month ahead of Madonna and Jessie J with no TV or promotional airplay. 

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