Wednesday 2 May 2012

Photo Mouse - Lite (Test) Draw with your tablet


Ever felt like it would be easier to work with a certain application if only you could control the cursor of a mouse with the tip of your fingers? Well now you can do just that with Photo Mouse - Lite. This FREE app for the Android Operating System is meant for use with Adobe Photoshop. There is a settings option to move your left click and right click to the other side of your tablet/touch screen. The steps are easier than it sounds.

-Set up is extremely easy too. You need to download the app from Google Play onto your touch screen device and activate Wifi on it.
-Download the App Server onto your desktop computer.
-Open the App Server file on your computer.
-Now open Photo Mouse on your Android device and scan your code on the desktop screen with your camera on your Android.

Unfortunately I was unable to test this app with Photoshop because I do not have that program. I was unable to hold a mouse button down and move the cursor at the same time. This only allowed me to move and click buttons on my desktop and make dots. Just in case this problem is only with my phone, I am testing it on my Xperia Play running Android 2.3.3. The 4 inch screen also set a limitation from testing the Photo Mouse app to the fullest. Also tried with GIMP and Paint.

An option that I would like to see on this app would be to be able to use the screen like a touchpad from laptops. That I way I don’t lose position of where my cursor is every time I lift my finger off the screen. Also a neat addition that would be only helpful for certain devices, would be to be able to assign and use at least one hardware button as a mouse button. That way one hand can still click, while the other hand draws.

If these issues can be sorted out or not exist for other devices, then this Android App can be applied for many other uses. Further updates could make moments on “Draw My Thing” and “Draw Something” by OMGPOP easier and allow you to show off more of your drawing skills than a computer mouse can if using a mouse to draw isn’t your thing. With a stylus, this could possibly take the place of a uDraw Studio game tablet for the Nintendo Wii.

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