Tuesday 10 April 2012

Permaximum Betty: Testing and Review

     Who is Betty? Who cares? Just Play. Permaximum Betty is a jumping game where you jump from platform to platform. You accumulate more points the higher you go. In this case there is a fire coming towards you, but luckily there are magical platforms that are floating somehow and you may use them to escape the fire. If you should fall off the bottom of the screen, it's game over unless the bottom of the screen is the green grass at the start and you haven't gotten that high yet. It is available in the United States and just became available for those in Korea with Android smartphones on GooglePlay.

As of now the app seems to be in a developing stage. The graphics of Betty doesn't really move while leaping from platform to platform. I suggest a little more movement animation, or at least a different sprite of Betty from moving left and moving right. It might also help the game look better if Betty was a little less plain looking. Another advice for change would be to increase the touch sensitive area around the directional arrows because those areas are not used for other things anyways. This may just be because my hands are not greatly coordinated. The intro screen (on the left) could use a little touch up, perhaps the developers logo or name on the bottom.

Escape the flames
Compare best scores
     Some nice features are that the platforms are bright and clear so it is easy to tell where the platforms are at. The background is dark so the contrast between the platforms and background are distinguishable. Top Scores are always something to look at right? Well, this app has that too, although I think it should have a confirmation button before letting you delete and reset the High Scores. The name of the game, Permaximum Betty, is a unique name for an application and should definitely be easy to find once you know the name. This way your searches for the game should be fairly easy. No advertisements here to get in the way during gameplay. There is a FREE TRIAL version, Permimum Betty (demo), which allows you to play up to 600 points. After reaching that limit, and a big purple line, the platforms no longer support Betty and she falls to her demise. However, there is hope for Betty. By getting the full version for $1.46, not necessarily an arm and a leg,  you get to help extend her platform jumping experience!


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