Tuesday 10 April 2012

Customised Animated Messages for your iPhone

Doink Express, picture creator for iPhone
Easy and intuitive picture creation
on iPhone with Doink Express App
DOINK. If you know anything about animation or picture creation that should be a name familiar to you. If you don't know Doink then after you read this article you'll know why you should have this picture creation tool for your iPhone.

The internet site behind Doink Express is a large and renowned artistic community using the power of the various Doink Apps to create some serious art. So with that in mind you know that when you download Doink Express you're becoming part of a community of fantastic creative individuals, and more to the point all the fantastic art; images; backgrounds and animations that have been created and shared are yours to download and use for free in making some fine iPhone art.

So what is the app actually all about. It's not simply an iPhone Drawing app, nor a way to improve your online drawings and cheat on Draw Something! No what it does is allow you to use photos on your iPhone to create customised,beautiful and elegant messages. From the basics of simply writing a quick message on a photo to a loved one, to creating a full animation using that photo and including sound! Doink Express really seeks to bring forth the iPhone artist in you.
App allows you to use vast library
of Doink shared creations.

And of course if you're at creative rock bottom , remember that you have full access to all the brilliant animations and drawing and other props of the Doink community to get you started.

It's very easy to create a small drawing and customise photos on your iPhone, the little dabbling I've done in creating full animations also seems very easy, with a basic timeline meeting all the animation requirements.

So quite simply if you're looking for a top picture creation and publishing tool, backed up by a fantastically creative community and including a top , easy to use, animation tool then DOINK EXPRESS is a must have for your iPhone.

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