Friday 20 April 2012

Save Our Skills - DIY / How-To App

Are you lacking some traditional skills and need to learn them? Or are you just eager to learn more useful skills? Either way, Save Our Skills - DIY / How-To by AppVirtue can really help you out. Learn how to make Habanero hot sauce, hot cider, and BEEF JERKY. Learn to build a top bar bee hive, a $20 PVC photo studio, a DIY PVC Green House/ Cold frame, and more. Saveskills has 385 subscribers and 250,000+ video views on Youtube. They must to be doing something right to be getting that many views. Below is a good summary of the app by the developer in one sentence.

‘This app gives you easy access to the Save Our Skills YouTube Videos, Podcast, and Blog.”

Tip:Not all the videos are under Saveskills on Youtube. There are plenty more videos available in the podcasts and blog under other usernames.

These skills would be really impressive and cool to have. I myself could use plenty of Do It Yourself skills, or should I say Do It Myself skills. The Android app is available on Google Play for $0.99. Not a bad deal for quick access to so much information. I'm sure this app has so much more to offer than you'll realize.


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