Saturday 21 April 2012

RocketPack-Great Adventure Blast hits iOS

Who needs Platforms when
you have RocketPack? New for iOS
We love RocketPacks, especially rocketpacks strapped to crazily designed characters that allow us to have crazy edged of the seat adventures on our iPhones!

Free running or endless runner games are immensely popular on the Appstore, well hero of the title Jack Sparks takes the endless runner idea, raises one jet propelled eyebrow at it, gives it a cheeky wink and says: " Running ,that's for fools. Rocketpacks are where it's at!" And the smooth accelerometer controls of this out of control jetpack based adventure show just how slow and outdated endless runners are. And of course while you're always welcome to doodle jump your way up frustratingly place platforms, we personally think a supercharged rocketpack strapped to your back is a much better idea. Especially when your limited jetfuel expends and you come crashing to earth and are saved last minute by a variety of clever power-ups (upgraded rocketpacks and parachutes included), you realise what fun adrenalin fueled mayhem this app can bring.

Join Jack Sparks and his crazy iPhone based rocketpack fuelled adventures by downloading the just released endless flyer from the appstore.

RocketPack for iOS
Who are these crazy RocketPack loving developers? caffeinated not content with producing utility apps have clearly sacrificed the likes of tie wearing strait laced business apps for high adventure, who needs energy drinks to give you wings when you have a RocketPack!

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