Thursday 19 April 2012

Scramble Blitz: Scrabble reloaded for your iPad

What we love about the iPad is how so many creative game's industry people are taking familiar concepts , rehashing them and making them so much more fun. Classic Board games on iPad in particular are becoming a fantastic treat as creatives with a sense of fun and loads of creativity are taking these old and much loved tabletop games and putting them onto our favourite tablet computer.
Which leads me on to ScrambleBlitz

Essentially what app developers Blue Diamond have done is taken the time worn classic of Scrabble, had a little think about what fun is all about and used the foundations of Scrabble to make a truly addictive word based game for your iPad. The Scrabble like premise is that you need to join cobinations of letters together that appear on the very pleasingly designed board, use a letter three times in a word and it dissapears making room for a new letter. Add a very strict countdown to the game and a bunch of powerups like extra time and starting combinations and you have yourself a classic boardgame rehashed , reblitzed and ready to frustrate.

We've only had the pleasure of playing ScrambleBlitz in the addictive single player mode (try as we might we can't beat a score of 222-as in Scrabble this iPad Scrabble like word game also scores you on the use of letters) But if you want to be social you ca take the game on to Facebook as well as the obligatory Game Center enhancements.

All in all a very pleasing and fun game to play, my only complaint in Single Player mode is that after a while we started to notice the same words being created, but that's probably down to our limited vocabulary and not a limitation of what is a really fun iPad word game.

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