Thursday 19 April 2012

Infinite Warrior-iPad console like experience being birthed by Kickstarter

Infinite Warrior Rise of the Eternal
This is what a next generation console like
iPad experience should look like.
As our tablets and smartphones have got more powerful,especially with all the excitement generated by the new ever so slick iPad (HD?) and it's retina screen of wonders the console generation have been lookin gto find something to fill the gap. 
Wonders like Infinity Blade have already graced the app store, but we want more, much more.

A new Kickstarter project has come to our attention and the parallels, even in it's earliest stages of development are apparent. Big, chunky mo-cappeed graphics and a gritty battle hardened Fantasy setting are the first things that come to our attention upon playing the development build of Infinite Warriors. Your run of the mill pick up,and play , graphics knocked up in 5 seconds throw away app this certainly isn't.
It's clearly a measure of love and a hefty helping of effort that has gone into trying to birth this barbarian , slash and hack app. Gameplay at this stage is fairly simple with the warrior( who can later be kitted out with different outifts and weapons) marching from left to right and slaying a succession of enemies all the while avoiding storms of arrows.

As the developer explains about his lush character graphics and backgrounds: Background environments are rendered with a hyper-realistic visual style that utilizes a combination of 2D matte paintings and 3D geometry. Characters are rendered in full 3D and motion-capture animated.

And it certainly shows, using Apple AirPlay functionality to put the app up onto a bigger screen would immediately show very easy correlations between these graphics and late Playstation 2 era games.

As the app develops over the coming months we'll keep a close eye on it to see how the kickstarter funding will help to bring a next generation portable gaming experience into our hands.

Read more on the Kickstarter website and put your money where your mouth is if you believe that we need console quality games on our iPads and iPhones, the next generation is now... if you want and believe in it.

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