Tuesday 17 April 2012

Tetris meets Bioshock on Android

Bioshock VS Tetris on your Android Device
Android phones? Groundbreaking. Tetris? A legend that still puzzles puzzlers till this day. Bioshock? An iconic and awe inspiring game that has shaped the minds and joypads of a generation. Now Tetris itself is of course freely available in many guises on the Google Play market, and as for Bioshock on Android maybe our beloved Droid's are not quite as advanced yet! 
But what if you could combine the effortless and addictive puzzling of Tetris with the sweeping dieselPunk themes of the legendary Bioshock,and make this alt future vision into an Android game? 
 Well we imagine that the results would be very similar to the Slick and addictive puzzling app from Boolba Labs ,the applauded creators of PaperJet and other great well known apps for Android. The steampunk puzzler that is Voltage is truly the love child of Tetris and Bioshock, with the connect a pipe type of puzzling skinned in a twisted alternative future Bioshock inspired diesel steampunk vision of Bold and brash brass cogs and chunky '50s imaginings of a future world it truly is a joy to play and Link in to the high voltage circuit in a edge of your seat high octane thrill a minute Timed game or just leisurely marvel at a visionary puzzle in the chilled Unlimited mode. 
Revel with other steampunk and puzzle fans as you take your skills online with Openfeint too. Brash,inspired and artistic , a rare visionary puzzle game for your Android Device.
Download VOLTAGE from Google Play.

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