Thursday 5 April 2012

Useful Apps for Motorists

iphone app for car repairs and maintenance
App for managing personal and
fleet vehicles
If you're a car owner you naturally want to make the most of your investment, we've sourced an app that makes looking after your car that much easier: VEHIC
Vehic. is a handy iPhone app for tracking a car's maintenance. Whether you own one vehicle or a fleet of cars and trucks Vehic can make your motoring life that much easier
With this App you can: 
.- Control the oil changes: you can see the record of all oil changes you have made, indicating the date of the oil change and the miles/kilometers that you had done. 
.- Control the tyre changes: recording the date, the mileage and the number of tyres changed. 
.- Repairs and revisions: it lets you keep track of repairs and revisions, indicating the price, the repair shop, the date and the tasks performed. 
.- Fuel consumption and other relevant information: you will be able to monitor your fuel consumption and price trends of this, both annually and historically. 
.- Also, when you park your vehicle, you can situate it on a map. It is great for when you are in a town you do not know or if you are absent-minded. If you park in a parking station, you can enter the parking space number in wich you left it. No more getting lost in the parking station trying to find your vehicle. 
.- One of the more innovative features of the car app is that you can add a picture of your vehicle to the file, adding a more personalised touch 
.- Translated into english, spanish, french, italian and chinese

Vehic is a very easy to use motorists app, menus are very intuitive and most features are just a button press away. The car finding feature is also very handy. It's clearly better to use a driving app like Vehic to keep track of your car rather than archaic logbooks and repair cards. The design is quite basic , but bells and whistles aren't necessary on this type of app , as its goal of keeping a check on your vehicle is more than adequately achieved. Hopefully later versions will also include pop up reminders for when a vehicle is fue oil changes and such like. As an inexpensive fleet management app I could imagine Vehic being popular with owners and maintainers of medium sized vehicle fleets.

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