Thursday 5 April 2012

MicroHeroes Magic 8 Ball

Together for the First Time
     What are Microheroes? In the case of MicroHeroes Magic 8 Ball, the microheroes include Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Shakespeare, and Confucius. Previously these heroes were available separately, but now you can find all of them together in one app. This Android App introduces you to these historical figures and gives your some information about each of them. Each character gives you your answers in voices that you can easily imagine the person sounding like. You can disable the background music if you want. If you don't know or aren't sure who these famous guys are, you should try it out because these individuals played really important roles in history. This is an exciting new way to play with the classic Magic 8 Ball game, except it's with a historical figure instead of a number that gives you the answer, it's not an Eight Ball but a cell phone, and you don't even have to read the answers, plus you get extra advice from these wise men. Perhaps a wise woman will be added in future updates? 

Writer of Romeo 
     If you want to try out features before purchasing, as of now I recommend trying the FREE Microlite versions for each single character vs  getting the free version of MicroHeroes Magic 8 Ball (with all the characters combined). This is because the single versions give you more tastes of the features available in the paid versions. Unfortunately, the Eight Ball feature is only available in the purchased editions. 

      There are 50 trivia questions (10 for Lite) about each of the characters. There is also a biography larger than a paragraph on that person. Refresh or make up for things you may have forgotten from your history courses. The user interface is smooth and legible. Not all the included features are educational, if that is something you are against for some reason. Children may also enjoy tickling the characters or watching them dance. With the FREE VERSIONS for a specified character, you get 5 out of 25 quotes from every hero. At the very least you should learn some of their quotes. The quotes may be both intellectual and helpful, especially in guessing who said those popular quotes the next time you hear them.  Surely you have at least a thing or two to learn from a peaceful man that led a revolution, or the U.S. president during the American Civil War, or one of the greatest playwrights of all time. You can learn so much more from this Android application than you would from a "Magic" 8 Ball. There's even a daily video or daily advice that you may watch from YOUTUBE. If you do choose to download MicroHeroes Magic 8 Ball, congrats, Your Smartphone just got smarter. Most likely you will get smarter as a result too.


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