Saturday 21 April 2012

Which Tablet Computer Should I buy: Android or iPad

What is currently the best purchase, an Android tablet or an iPad. I must admit that I'm still of two minds about this, as I absolutely love my Android Phone (an Xperia Play by the way) and love the open source free form way that I can control it and add media to it any way I want without being tied to iTunes.
 On the other hand though I've just recently bought an iPad too, and am loving the near console quality games that I can play on the iPad and the sheer abundance of useful business, utility and game apps available for the new iPad. Google Play still doesn't come close when it comes to apps for Android tablets.
 For an Android Phone Google Play is just great, for Android tablet laptops , despite so many features making them more desirable than an iPad-let's face it many Android tablets are still a better buy than an iPad with larger screens, faster processors (quad core seems to be the defacto standard) and the ability to add external storage (via USB and other devices) quite possibly outweighing the Apple brand and the ever so lush iPad retina Display. 
So come on Android tablet app developers, do your best to lure me away from the iPad and on to a better , faster Android tablet-it's only you holding Android Tablet's dominance back!

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