Saturday 21 April 2012

Will Android Phones soon be China's number one news source?

Latest Chinese News Headlines
for Android users
As the Chinese Dragon has emerged in a new and vibrant technology loving economy so has the rise of the Android phone been prolific throughout the majority of China. With the billion plus strong nation taking to Android Phones with open arms so have many other opportunities opened up. The paper press is an outmoded concept with more and more people turning to the net to keep up to date with World happenings. Now Chinese citizens and those interested in Chinese events, whether it be for business,personal or social reasons, have the ability to keep in touch with Chinese Headline News thanks to a new and exciting app released on the Google Play Android market in China.

Finally those Android Smartphone toting hordes will have access to Chinese news, sport, business and entertainment straight from their Android phones with the new Chinese Headline News App on Google Play. And the Chinese Love is not just for Android users because the Chinese news app is now available on iTunes too!

中国/中國 Android 新闻/新聞 Opens up a whole world of streaming videos,news and headlines for Android users Worldwide. A top notch way to keep track of Chinese events and happenings for users of Android Phones.
美國頭條新聞網 Here's the details of the app that will allow you to keep on top of headline news:讓你即時掌握最新有關社會、商業、體育、娛樂等來自中國和世界各地的中文資訊。從我們著名的博客頻道獲取博客作者的最新觀點、熱門的新聞,觀看最新的視頻,以及瀏覽豐富的圖片庫,都可通過我們免費的閱讀軟件,一切盡在掌握。


  1. Thanks for your recommendation. As a Chinese living in the States who still speak and talk in Chinese most of the time in daily life, I really love to see there is an android app for news in Chinese. I've downloaded this app and must say this is exactly what I want!

  2. Glad we could help, we will always try to keep on top of the latest Android and iPhone apps. We hope that the News App comes in very useful and helps you to keep track of happenings in China.


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