Saturday 26 May 2012

Adding Famous names to Apps

David Hayes Latest Fight on iPad
Controversial Boxing App
Storms the Charts
What is the winning formula for making a top selling app? Here at Gametrender Fortress we work with a lot of app developers and have a great relationship with many devs from indie to megastar (OrangePixel being some of our bigger contacts).

We're not just about telling you about the latest and greatest Android and iOs apps but also dispense a lot of advice to devs about how to increase their market share for their apps and games. We've still to hit on a winning formula for what makes a best seller app though. 
 All of which leads me to talk about David Haye's Knockout, from our friends at Grubbyhands who more recently have become more well known for their love in platformer "Boy Loves Girl". Whilst initial fame for the one man app development studio came from the original boxing app of the same name : The sequel is continuing the success. As Grubby Hands App Spin Doctor Guru Jody says:"I'm happy to announce that our new release 'David Haye's Knockout' has topped the App Store charts. In less than a week we have claimed the number one spot in the Arcade, Sports and Games Charts and number 2 in the All Apps Charts, we are extremely proud and would love you to share our news " Is the fact that it is a tight game with amusing sound effects and an intuitive move and pich system responsible for the fact that the boxing sim has risen so quickly up the app charts or is the name of the famous boxer David Haye's responsible for the fan favourite iOS boxing sims popularity. Again to quote from the games makers and Mr David Haye himself: "“Also, it's clear to me that people are attracted to the game because it's a little edgy and controversial, and far angrier than 'Angry Birds'. There aren't many other games out there that can be ended by a smashed bottle across the face. Whether we like it or not, controversy sells, and I'm no stranger to controversy " So if you want to be an app millionaire and have a famous celebrity as a friend who you want to title could be soon that you too could be the guvnor' and wearing the large gold medallions and signet rings;as you make your millions off of famous stars endorsing your apps! 
Now in some strange gaming based Trash Talk Haye's updates the way that boxers goad their opponents, technology sure has come a long way since the days of Ali's ringside jibes! " Within the game Haye consistently jibes his rivals and even uses secret weapons to defeat and destroy his enemies.

“So much fuss was made about the bottle in my hand in Munich that I decided to have some fun with it,” Haye, reportedly, told The Sun.

Realising the power of gaming, like no other professional boxer has done before, Haye’s use of ‘David Haye’s Knockout’ has certainly taken sport and gaming to the next level"
  What do you iOS/boxing game fans think?

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