Sunday 27 May 2012

Android Casual Gaming with Real Life Rewards

Connect 'em Up on Android
using the power of Facebook
Google Play is well known for its casual games and its social gaming. Well we've come across an interesting hybrid of  a Facebook type Android app that we'd like to christen a "Connect 'em Up Game".

Interested in how Android apps can give you real life rewards? Well we're unfortunately not talking big league competitive (Android) gaming like the Koreans for mega bucks rewards, but nevertheless the rewards are very substantial for playing rising connect 'em up star: "Facebook Dating Game Spacebook" and those rewards are the most earthy of them all, play and connect with random strangers to make new friends. Hence our pithy entitlement of Spacebook being a Connect 'em up.

The premise is simple and borrows heavily from Space Invaders and numerous other one screen space based shooters from gamings legacy. Playing out in a very simple Facebook FLash Game type fashion Facebook tasks you with bumping your floating orb Spaceship into other craft to gain access to their Facebook profiles. no, this doesn't mean that it's a fun app to hack Facebook profiles but just a fun way to make new friends in the social sphere.

In a very clever twist if you get enough points the "UFO's" that you destroy can even be famous peoples' Facebook profiles. Your enemy craft can even be filtered by Gender too which makes Spacebook a fun and interesting way to use your Android phone to connect with others.

Connecting the game to your profile is simple and the game adds another dimension by having points, numerous levels and an interesting variety of obstacles and enemies to avoid too. A very clever idea that will appeal to fast Space game fans and social butterflies alike.
Download Link: Facebook Dating Game Spacebook

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