Monday 28 May 2012

Developer Brief for renowned Twitter RPG

What is Tweet RPG:

Tweet Rpg is a renowned and unique Twitter game that is looking to make the jump to becoming an Android and iOs app. This brief covers the details of what Tweet Rpg is and what the creators requirements are for a collaboration with an app developer. If you would like to either sponsor Tweet Rpg's jump to becoming an app or want to become the creator of the app then please contact us and we'll forward your details on to the Twitter game's creator.

Goal: To find a suitable developer to collaborate with to create a Tweet RPG phone app.

 Intro to Tweet RPG Tweet RPG is a Twitter-based role-playing system, where followers vote to shape the progression of adventure narratives. Story updates are posted twice daily on week days, with a story choice at the end of each update. When the voting session closes, the choice with the most votes is used to carry on the story. There are also opportunities for individual players to take control of the story alone, stat tests to add an element of risk into the game, and a combat mechanic for facing enemies. Each adventure involves additional content as well, posted on the Tweet RPG blog –

 There is an extended prologue and epilogue for each story, as well as a 'character creation' process, and regular story summaries to help people keep up with the action. The stories cover a variety of genres – so far we've done medieval fantasy, space opera science fiction, and neo-noir mystery. Current Engagement Three Tweet RPG adventures have been completed so far, with a fourth currently underway. The first adventure, King Slayer, had 27 people who got involved, and the most recent adventure, Time to Die, had 60 people who got involved. 60 people have joined in so far with the current adventure, Hack 'N' Slash Hero – most of these have dropped in for a few votes, with a highly engaged core of roughly 20 players who vote on every choice. 

Who Plays Tweet RPG?

The Tweet RPG players are spread geographically across the world, mainly in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Most have English as a first language, and they appear to be a mix of ages and genders (these are observations rather than hard facts).

 Overall Function/Design The purpose of a Tweet RPG phone app would be three-fold: firstly, to enhance the gameplay experience, secondly, to provide easy access to supporting info i.e. inventory etc., and thirdly, to provide the players with additional fun elements alongside the main adventure. The app would not replace the current Tweet RPG format on Twitter. The main capability that the app would need to have is the ability to draw information from Twitter – from the Tweet RPG Twitter feed, lists, favourites, and followers – and to send tweets from the user's Twitter account (to vote in the story decisions).

It would also need to store the catalogue of Tweet RPG content i.e. story articles, 'how to play'' articles, etc. The design/layout of the app should offer the user instant access to the most pertinent information i.e. current story update/decision, with easy access to back-up information. This could be through a central start-up screen, with sliding tabs from top, bottom, left, right, for additional information. Visual themes could relate to the genres which Tweet RPG works with e.g. fantasy, science fiction, noir, horror, etc., showing the broad mix of stories. Engaging ways to interact with text should also be included. Features Essential features (part of a free trial app):
• Current story update/options on screen at start-up
 • Voting through radio buttons with optional comment box (sends vote as a tweet)
 • Access to current character stats/inventory (including large HP counter on start screen)
 • Vote closing countdown timer
 • Access to 'how to play' articles Premium Features (part of a full app):
 • Personalised alerts/remainders – for 'vote closing soon' reminder or 'quick vote' alert
• Current story timeline
 • Access to current story summaries
 • Access to other player's votes/comments
 • Access to previous vote results
• Access to previous stories (possibly hold back – see 'further development')
• Character creation tool (when needed for a new adventure) Further Development These are features that could be added further down the line, once the overall structure of the app is firmly in place and people have engaged with the concept:
 • Minigames integrated into 'completed' stories – rather than playing through the previous adventures by making decisions (like a gamebook), players must complete minigames to progress to the next section of story. Minigames could relate to the story events e.g. a speed-based game for a 'SPD test' within the story.
 • Player versus player battle arena – using a simple character creation mechanic (see Hack 'N' Slash Hero character creation – ), players can build characters to battle against each other.
Concept could work in a similar fashion to 'Draw Something' i.e. player sends a challenge to another player, they choose one of their characters to respond, the battle automatically plays out (using Tweet RPG's combat mechanic), the winner gets points! There could be a league table and perks to purchase with points.
 Revenue Plan As stated above, a free trial version of the app could be offered, with limited functions, as well as the full version. There could also be the possibility for integrated apps in the free version of the app e.g. every time a vote is sent, an ad is shown.

We're very excited to be getting behind the developer of Twitter RPG and have been doing our little bit to dispense advice. The Dev obviously has a massive presence on Twitter and we hope that you'll at least show your support by becoming a Twitter follower of Tweet RPG. Also eventually we hope to get a Kickstarter type campaign going so again if you wish to donate we'll pass on the creator's details . And of course if you're an angel or an incubator or a dev who want's to get behind an already established game property please let us know.
(We've recently covered a similar RPG  app and see Twitter RPG making just as much of a splash)


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