Monday 28 May 2012

Is the iPad good for making music?

Being a creative writer we're always looking to use technology to explore other ways of being creative. When touch screen devices became de rigeur we were quite enthused by using initially the iPod touch and later our Xperia Play phone to make music. Common apps that can help a budding musician and are quite fitting for touchscreen devices are the numerous free pianos, keyboards and synthesisers that are available for both Android and iOS. Now that the iPad has become the touch screen device of choice we have access to even more laymans ways of making music due touts enhanced processing power and larger touchscreen being a more viable interface. Many traditional makers of musical instruments and particularly gadget orientated manufacturers of devices like guitar pedals, synths, Mackie Mixers , sound bars, and other devices are realising this and responding in kind. Aside from common apps that are available for the iPad like Garage Band and DjMix we're putting this article out as a general feeler for the musos community that consistently use iPads for their music and song creation. If you're one of those iPad using musicians or Dj's we'd love to hear what apps you find useful. Feel free to add your comments as we expand this article to become a comprehensive guide to making music on the iPad.


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