Monday 28 May 2012

Educational Apps for 3 to 5 Year olds

Looking in particular at children's apps for 3 to 5 year olds, our recent playest is of the app Abby'sPre-School learning. Abby is the eponymous monkey starring in many of 22Learnings children's educational apps on iOs. As a character driven learning app the choice of a monkey avatar sees quite appropriate.
 Our young play tester responded quite enthusiastically to Abby the Monkey with dialogue consisting of phrases in response to the Kid's app such as "What's that monkey want now ?" and " You silly monkey" being often hear responses to the app. Activity wise the educational app seems to be pitched just right for per school children , as of writing the app is being tested by a 3 and a half year old and all activities are in his reach and are just challenging enough to warrant some brain strain but not frustration.

Reward wise the child can expect the normal enthusiastic response from Abby for correct actions and every few levels the child has the ability to choose different wagons for the train that Abby will ride through the next levels, a colourful sticker book can also get a chosen addition every few levels. The premise is simple and if it was an adult pitched app I would describe it as mini game based as there is no set story, just related activities that correspond to child based app learning. The child has the task of getting a host of passengers for the aforementioned train over a series of levels. The way this is accomplished is through various activities pitched at pre school learners.

 Completing simple sequences, matching toys to their shadows, matching numbers to colours and other simple cognitive activities are on offer.
 What I found quite compelling about the app is that while the child was quite happy to play Abby pre school learning on the family iPad by himself , it was equally a bonding experience to sit with him and assist him with more strenuous learning games.

 Whilst much is written about iPads and smartphones being used as a poor substitute for baby sitting and good parenting I actually found it quite useful to assess my child's abilities in both numeracy and shape.
 And pattern recognition while sitting with him and using this educational app. In conclusion we recommend 22learnings Abby series of apps to improve and refine your 3 to 6 year olds abilities

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