Thursday 17 May 2012

Honey Battle - Bears vs Bees (For Children)

Looking for an Android game that is appropriate for your child(ren)? Why not try Honey Battle - Bears vs Bees? In this friendly app you play on the side of the bees. Tap the screen to Shoot bees at incoming parachuting bears who are trying to take your honey. Protect your honeycombs. Upgrade to increase reloading or recharging time, increase bee speed, learn special attacks and other attributes. As the levels progresses, more bears will come down at the same time and at quicker speeds. Hit two Bears with one Bee and earn a bonus. Test your eye finger coordination and see if you can hit the enemy.

 Directions are simple.

The graphics for this game are nice and clean. Not something you would expect from a FREE APP. 

What kind of shooting game doesn't have upgrades? Or any game for that matter. This one does.

Honey Battle - Bears vs Bees (with an average rating of over 4 out of 5 stars) can be downloaded from Google Play. The only suggestions that I have are to have different levels and stronger or different types of bees so that the game doesn't feel as repetitive. The android application takes up about 20MB. That's quite a bit for a children's app but the graphics are really there. The on screen information and menu's are friendly. It's brought to you by developer Tapps - Top Apps and Games(Google Play really does indicate them as a top developer). Share your smartphone with your children, although the bees aren't really sharing their honey with bears that are going through the trouble of parachuting from the sky. I guess you can't share everything. Priorities are important. How about making it a priority that your precious one gets to try out this app?


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