Thursday 17 May 2012

Kids Connect the Dots (Educational)

Teach your kids to connect the dots and learn numbers in process with KIDS CONNECT THE DOTS. Objects are hidden and outlined with numbers. When connecting to the next number, Each number is announced by a nice lady. The game looks colorful and rewards the player by revealing the picture. This EDUCATIONAL Android application is definitely for young children who are ready to learn their numbers. The graphics are friendly and the game is simple to play.

Note:a few reviewers has stated that this game has easy in app purchases so your child may accidentally spend your money. There is a LITE version that is FREE. The other version is for $2.99 USD. Both of them have an average rating of 4.5 Stars on Google Play and is brought to you by the developers at Intellijoy. Connect the Dots has OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS.

Isn't it Cute?
The quality of these backgrounds and items justifies the size of the game at 17MB.

The developer says it's for 4-7 years old. I say maybe even a 3 year old could try. Enjoy.


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