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How to Play Burnout Crash on iPad and iPhone: Hints and Tips

Burnout Crash on iPhone and iPad: Game Guide
We've loved Burnout Crash since it appeared on iOS, we've been working hard on a complete game guide for EA's top Crashing game as it can be a little confusing if if you haven't played the original  on Xbox and other consoles. So here we go for our world exclusive
traffic smashathon, explosive guide:
How to Play Burnout Crash on iPad and iPhone
How do I accelerate the car?
Easy, just draw the route to follow and it'll accelerate itself. Of course the faster Burnout car you have the faster it will go!
 How do I move my car once I've crashed? Once the Crash Meter is full you can initiate mega explosions, no Crash Meter, be prepared for some very slow bouncing across the road as a little finger tap will make your car move ever so slightly. 
  Why does my Crashbreaker take so long to fill up?It will fill by itself but skids, crashes and explosions will help it fill that much faster.
 My Crashbreaker keeps pushing the traffic out of the road! Just time your Crashbreaker in the right time and place to maximise road carnage but not clear blockades 
The traffic keeps swerving around blockages: Wouldn't you! If the road is only partially blocked they can still get away. 
Do I have to smash my car into cars and buildings to damage them? No other cars can crash into the buildings too and the Burnout Crash Breaker is very effective in damaging buildings. 
  Can I jump over or blow up walls? No
 What is special about the Red and Gold Cars?  The Red Cars in Burnout Crash are expensive Sports Cars and earn lots of cash for destruction-the Gold cars are the most expensive to destroy.
How do I blow up buildings? Use the Crash breaker to its best effect is the best way to blow up buildings in Burnout Crash, also look for explosive barrels. Fiery! 
Burnout iPad fail!
 If I fall down the hole, is it bad? No because you can drive back in by another route and cause more mayhem  
 How do I perform Skillshots in Burnout Crash?Perform Punt Skillshots by firing traffic or dumpsters into moving vehicles.
Perform Shunt Skillshots by firing traffic or dumpsters into parked vehicles.Perform Dunk Skillshots by firing traffic or dumpsters into holes or water.
 How do I tell where the traffic is going to come from next? The arrows will show you where the next traffic is coming from  
 What does a grey score of $0 mean? It means that you haven't scored from that damage, possibly because the car has left the playing area .
 I destroyed the gold car but didn't get the score, why? If the Gold car was out of the playing area you wouldn't score on it.  
 What ways of bonus scoring are there in iOS Burnout Crash?If an explosion sets off another one, you'll earn an Explosion Chain Multiplier!
Blow up a bunch of traffic at the same time to earn a big Explosion Combo bonus!Drive through 3 or more smashable objects in a row to earn a Smash Chain bonus!
 Why would I want to jump down the hole and drive in again? One route might be blocked but on multiple roads , you might need to cause another Burnout Crash Traffic Jam  
 What do the different vehicles do?Light cars have great Aftertouch, so use them when manoeuvrability is key!
Burnout Crash on iOS Super Features
Heavy vehicles have large and powerful Crashbreakers, good for getting lots of Skillshots and hitting passing traffic! How do I know when traffic is going to turn? They'll put their indicators on   How do I know how close a traffic vehicle is to burning and exploding? When it starts to smoke it's a gonna blow!  My Burnout Crash Super Feature was really weak, how do I make it stronger? By letting as few cars escape as possible, you gain a percentage of strength for the Burnout Crash Super Feature for every cross left uncrossed, so don't let them get away!   What are the holes for? For Punt shots and shoving cars down, and for you to drive back in another way.   How do I know when the Ambulance is coming? The "paging Dr." song starts to play   The Ambulance always seems to crash, what can I do? Try to give it a clear and unblocked route.   How do I get a good score from a Super Feature? By making sure that you haven't let any cars escape before, the less cars that escape the more powerful is your Burnout Crash Super Feature   A vehicle escaped by I didn't get an escape marker? Lucky you-maybe the ambulance took away the escape marker.  RUSH HOUR TIPS The Event didn't end when vehicles escaped, why not? In Rush Hour it doesn't matter who escapes, just how much carnage you can cause in 90 seconds.
Pizza of Fortune List of prizes
   What does the Pizza Truck do? Starts the cool Pizza of fortune roulette wheel of chance.   What happens when the timer reaches zero? If you're lucky you can go out with a bang or it's just game over   What does the Super Multiplier do? How can I get a bigger score in Rush Hour? PILE UP TIPS What is the Inferno multiplier? Keep things on fire to keep the multiplier going   My Inferno multiplier is going down, why? The flames are dying down-get exploding and spread the automobile fire   How can I make Inferno mode last longer? By being a great pyromaniac!  
Beware the multiple Junctions
 Why don't the traffic vehicles disappear when destroyed in Pile Up? Because that would make your life far too hard when your job is to stop other cars escaping. 
 GAMEPLAY FEATURES of Burnout Crash on iPad
 Guide to features and Special Vehicles of iPad/iPhone Burnout Crash
 The Magnet: Great for attracting Gold cars and Sports Cars
 The Bulldozer: Not a good vehicle as it'll clear a road
   TheSinkhole: Shove cars down this for punt shots and more destruction
   The Gas Tanker: kaboom, lot's of flames and explosions-but can also easily clear a road
   The Blizzard: Cars freeze up and can be skated along for more icy destruction
Taxi's: The more taxis you destroy in Burnout Crash the higher your score multiplier   Meteors:
Cause massive destruction and if one lands on your car you get to drive in again.   Bad Cops: They're not a welcome site as they want to bust you and disable your crash meter-crash them on site.  
Special Vehicles in Burnout Crash
 Detonator: When it explodes, nobody knows, but make sure you decide on the right place for it to blow.
 The Ice Cream Truck:Freeze and smash Traffic vehicles
 The Thunderstorm
Bonus points for every exploded vehicle
 Good Cops: Good as in these good cops will cause roads to be blocked making your life a lot easier
The Missile Truck: If the Gas Tanker could fly then it would be just like the Missile Truck
 Fog: By exploding the crashbreaker you can make the fog clear
 The Limousine: Keep it uncrashed to earn mega bucks.

More Easy Hints for the Different iOS Burnout Crash Modes

How to Beat Road Block and other Burnout crash Features
  • In Rush Hour,  hit as many buildings as possible. This will get a higher score than just hitting only traffic.
  • During Rush Hour, if there's a large amount of vehicles when the timer runs out try to get in the centre of them. High explosion combo’s will make your score go through the roof. 
  • During Pile Up, wait until the Inferno stage to blow up vehicles. This way you’ll have enough ammunition to keep the inferno multiplier going and get a bigger score.
  • During Pile Up, use the holes to drop into and respawn. This will not only stop the timer but also allow you another chance to cause a pile up.
  • During Road Block, the Bank Trucks will give you the best cash prizes.How do you make the Bank Truck Appear? If  you don't let a single  vehicle escape then, every once in a while, a bank truck will appear instead of an ambulance. 
  • What's the best way to get the Burnout crash Super Feature and get the most Stars?During Road Block, trying to keep to the centre of the road will probably be the best way to get the super feature activated, but you'll still need to leave the middle of the road to take out buildings to stand a chance of getting the $50m star. 

EA has done a great job of optimising Burnout Crash for the Touchscreens of our iPads and iPhones, it's lot's of fun to play and the music , sound effects and sheer carnage going on really make it a great pick up and play destructive game. We hope that you find this iOS App guide helpful.

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