Friday 4 May 2012

Android Travel Apps

The Summer holidays are almost upon us, so once again we're looking at ways your Android Phone can save you holiday money.
Value Airlines Flights Compare is another new travel app on Google Play that has recently come to our attention. Whilst researching some of the better apps on Android for travel comparison, this app managed to stand out for some very good reviews. Particularly the fact that many sources regard Value Airlines Flight Compare as one of the best apps for finding cheap flights to Manila and India really made our ears prick up.

Android Travel App, simplifying your vacation Searches
An app competing against the big travel comparison sites like Go Compare and Money Supermarket is nothing new, but the ability for an Android app to come out tops when it comes to getting the best prices for tickets and travel is really something to raise eyebrows.

The Android app is not only dedicated to finding you the best travel deals, but also greatly simplifies the process of finding a holiday and also does a neat sideline in Travel Guides.

The latest money savings for not only holidays, but also cruises, car hire, hotels and airline tickets are brought straight to your phone. We highly recommend the Android Travel app as it more than complements any other online service and works with over 450 Travel sites to help you get the best and cheapest Vacation deals on your Android phone.
Download: Value Airlines Flight Compare

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