Wednesday 2 May 2012

Monster Mayhem: Apocalypse - fun old school shoot 'em up Tower Defense game for iPhone

Monster Mayhem weighs in with some novel ideas conceptually, as a game it delivers its fair share of the action. You're straight into the thick of the horizontal shooter without even time to send your sword in to the blade sharpening service ! But no blades are found here, just one weapon, a heavy duty rifle in which you have to fend off the monster hordes.

Enemies at least are quite varied with some nice designs to some of them. Even though the app describes itself as a Tower Defense Game for iPhone, we found it more akin to a horizontal shooter. And there is shooting a plenty as the myriad monsters storm your home.

What we found most noticable about this iPhone game was the very well balanced difficulty curve that the game  presents. It's been extensively playtested by many student gamers and this shows in the fact that the difficulty spikes are just right. If you're in the market for a quick blast on an old school shooter than you wouldn't go far wrong with Monster Mayhem: Apocalypse now available on the appstore.


  1. Monster Mayhem is really a shooting collection dressed up as a game about defense, It has all the tools available to make a serious game to which one called as a hardcore game.

  2. Monster Mayhem is a game focused at the beer and pretzels audience.It's got fun theming,speedy gameplay, and is practically completely random.On the off chance that you like the idea of bashing around with a creature of your decision,it'll play great,simply don't expect anything deeper.
    @Betty Allen.

  3. Monster mayhem is really a nice and fun to play game. But it has potential to become a more advanced and serious game.

  4. Hello,Monster Mayhem is still incredible fun, and will engage players more regularly than exactly at Halloween time.Fans of classic Universal or Hammer horror films NEED this game; it has every one of the components of classic movie monster films and plays in around 60 minutes.The various parts take into consideration enough randomization to keep play fresh and fluctuated from game to game,giving strong replay value.Thank you.

    Lillie Jensen.

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