Tuesday 15 May 2012

Rat on a Snowboard: Guide to getting High Points and Achievements

Rat on a Snowboard is one of those simple, yet addictive games that iOS is known for. Speeding Slopes; Exploding Meatballs and Challenges await the unwary. It's become quite an obsession to get high scores and achieve all the achievements, so Gametrender is proud to present our:
Guide to Rat on a Snowboard Achievements and High Scores

Stars are good, time your ramp jumps just right to maximise your Star count and get more points. Aim to get all the Rat on a Snowboard Stars as this sends your score rocketing. You need big air to keep aloft and get all the stars, do this by using repeated spin tricks. And that's how you get the star combo bonus. So, every jump off a ramp you make should be timed perfectly to be able to catch all the stars. Jumping on tree stumps, trees and the moving sleds you encounter in Rat on a Snowboard (beware of the exploding meatballs!) is another way to earn points.
How to earn Rat on a Snowboard Points
Each obstacle you jump on top of  earns you five points, which works out more than what you will earn for the stars. Low timed jumps are the key to getting on top of the obstacles, this will of course be at the expense of the big air jump tricks, but you can't have everything. Do not forget to grab the present boxes as they contain donuts which give you ten points each time you grab one
How to Speed Up Rat on a Snowboard
Once you get to a hundred points the game will speed up which makes the jumps and obstacle avoidance very difficult. At this stage in the game just stay focussed on surviving to get a higher score, try to land on obstacles and get stars and you'll more thank likely end up breaking your Rodent neck!
However, if you still want to earn points, you can do a lot of spin tricks while you are jumping. 
Achievements in Rat on a Snowboard
There are 17 achievements that we know of at the time of writing, here's how to get those achievements:
Completed 10: Complete 10 challenges
Completed 30: Finish 30 challenges
Donut Eater
Donut Muncher
Donut Super Fan
Facebook Button: Use the in game Facebook button
Gift Snatcher
Gift Thief:
Icicle Breaker:
Icicle Destroyer:
Icicle Tilter:
Meatball Mayhem:
Meatball Boom:
Three-Starred 15:You must have 3 stars in 15 challenges
Three-Starred 30: 3 Stars , 30 challenges
Three-Starred 50: You guessed it , in 50 challenges you must achieve 3 stars
All-Star Rat:


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