Tuesday 15 May 2012

Super Dynamite Fishing

I've been looking for a fishing game for my Android Device. I found one...sort of. It's not an orthodox way of fishing. In fact, I've heard about this fishing method a few times, but as jokes. Super Dynamite Fishing, it is what it sounds like. Catch different types of fish worth different values. Make enough money to pay your bill that you are trying to take care of that day. Try to win the heart of your love. Keep birds from stealing your catch by shooting them down (for some reason you don't keep the birds though). Buy new boats with different potential. Use freezers to chill the nearby water and slow down fishes while taking away their stamina. Open treasure chests that are underwater. Throw in car batteries to harm fishes that swim nearby. This wouldn't be legal at all in real life(neither would shooting birds with RPG's). Don't try this at home or in reality.

This game, probably isn't very suitable for children
 You can accomplish up to TWO MISSIONS per day(comes in the mail in the morning). Each mission grants you a bonus, necessary to pay the bill and have a net gain for the day. The mission descriptions are quite creative, however the ways to accomplish those missions don't vary very much. You can cancel a mission so that the next day it won't be there and a new mission will replace it. The directions in the game are clear and simple. Cartoons units move very smoothly. Sound effects of explosions are pretty good. Your character has a voice too. 

I've only gotten about 1/3 of the game so if there are any surprises or changes to the storyline then I wouldn't know. Super Dynamite Fishing gets really repetitive. Each day you wake up with a bill to pay(objective). Some bills or fines are for inappropriate things. I wouldn't recommend this app for children. This Android application has 1-5 Million downloads with an average rating of 4 and 1/2 stars. It's Xperia Play Optimized and can be found on Google Play. The Developer is HandyGames, creator of other Xperia Play Optimized games such as the Guns'n'Glory games, Aporkalypse, Cyberlord - Arcology, Clouds & Sheep, and Townsmen 6. A FREE VERSION of Super Dynamite Fishing comes with ad's that load sometimes when entering the main map from a store. This way of advertising is really unique and doesn't get in the way of gameplay like in other games that have ads take up screen space at the bottom of the screen. A PREMIUM VERSION doesn't have ads and gives you 60,000 ingame currency to start out with.


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