Sunday 27 May 2012

Squids in Space

Creativity in Apps
Appstore creativity gone Wild with...Squids!
The Appstore is a brilliant canvas for developers creativity to run wild and one of the newest and quirkiest puzzle apps we've come across really pushes out the boat on this front.

There's just something rather sinister about squids. They live in  batholithic  depths far beyond human ken, the size they can grow too is unknown. Old sailors tales even speak of the cunning saucer eyed beasts growing as large as sailing ships and dragging human craft down to watery graves with their tentacled limbs. Even renowned early 20th Century horror writer HP Lovecraft based his otherworldly Shub Niggurath old Gods on a squid like form in his macabre Cthulu Mythos. Now it seems that there is no end  to these leviathans cunning as they've made it on to an iOS app none the less, and have trumped human kind by having vastly superior Space faring capabilities!
HungrySquid with a compelling and deep storyline
and highly artistic graphics
So Squids in Space based on these very weird denizens of the deep as you are what do you have to offer the app world? Well firstly the storyline behind S.I.S is darkly brilliant and really adds to the mood of the app, so much so that the Squids will be featuring in an ebook soon! The developer clearly loves his work as the artistry and extras such as the aforementioned app based iBook and even a stunning free soundtrack really make the app stand out.

The soundtrack contributing to the squiddy puzzle games atmosphere is great and backed up by some colourful but moody artwork. The app plays out in the form of a puzzle and like its subject matter is quick to grasp but has hidden depths of Marianas Trench Like Proportions.

As an app tour de force clearly showing a developer's love and unleashed creativity we highly recommend HungrySquid buy it or expect a suckered tentacle in the night...

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