Friday 18 May 2012

Super KO Boxing 2 (looks like punchout)

I haven't gotten used to this game yet but then again, I was never much of a fighter. SUPER KO BOXING 2  looks a lot like the classic Super Punch Out game from Nintendo. That probably has something to do with the game getting over 5 million installs and a 4 star rating on Google Play. The graphics are good, fresh and clean except that the movements are a bit choppy (like an early 90's game). Trash talking is also present in between rounds. How about you GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEE?

Super Special Punch included

To get up after you get knocked down, you touch the screen when the countdown numbers come together. The game gets a lot harder when you reach the fighter 15 Cent. (Many of the user reviews agree with this). Just like in the classic game, each opponent here has different attacks and different weaknesses. Learn when and how to make them vulnerable. You will just get blocked if you throw punches when the timing is wrong.

That special looks kinda nice doesn't it? The information during gameplay is easy to see. Menu's are clear. This game really has color.
Other sweets of this game include being Xperia Play Optimized and FREE.  Super KO Boxing 2 was developed by Glu Mobile. 



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