Saturday 9 June 2012

Apps for the Olympics: Olyscope-Olympic Stats Visuals

With the Olympics just around the corner Olympics apps are being churned out thick and fast. We've come across a fairly unique Summer Olympics app which is worth exploring for a variety of reasons.

Olyscope comes from the one man development team of Roldano Malvestiti and is clearly a labour of love. An enormous amount of research has gone into the app which bills itself as a "Summer Games Visualisation App for exploring all statistics, results and medals of all 26 editions from Athens 1896 to Beijing 2008" . Now of course the net is littered with stats for the Olympics, and I'm sure that soon the app store will have many apps for Olympics stats , past and present. Put it this way: If you want to find out who the winner of the 1896 Summer Olympics shooting was you won't have too much trouble finding out.
Apps for Olympics on ipad
App to explore Olympic stats in a unique visual way
Where Olyscope comes into its own though is its unique way of showing sports statistics. From the front end menu you can choose to explore the olympic stats either via the year of that particular game, from the 1896 Olympics up to Beijing 2008, or explore the stats listed via sports. So research wise Roldano has done a lot of homework, where his app excels though is the unique ways that it has of visualising the Olympic Stats.

Acess the app menu for Sports and you're brought to a nice visualisation showing the Olympic Sports in Floating Bubble format, click on one of the bubbles and the sport will list the winners by category and year in a seamless way. A medal table is also easily accessed from the top menu, as is a Global pictogram of Olympic success. 

The app has a very unique way of showing the sports and medals over the years, a backing soundtrack would not go amiss nor some photos of past medal winners on the iPad app. However bearing in  mind that Olyscope is just the app creation of one man it is a phenomenal effort and worth downloading from the Appstore. If you're lucky at some time this weekend the app should go free for a few days. So if you're in anyway interested in sports and sports statistics we certainly recommend giving Olyscope a look for a unique perspective on the Olympics.

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