Sunday 10 June 2012

Twitter App for Android Tablets: T4T

T4T is specifically made for Android Tablets and takes advantage of the larger Tablet screens to deliver a fluid Twitter experience via Android.
Intuitive Android Tablet Twitter App

We're pleased to see the Android tablet Twitter app using familiar Twitter icons to go about its business. We really like the ability to swipe up and down your @users to see Tweets from different Twitterers and the also swipe left and right to see the Tweets in a chronological order. To be honest when seeing how the app works so slickly on a touchscreen it makes you wonder what the point is of accessing Twitter on your computer when the touchscreen brings about such a good way of going about your Twitter business.

At the moment T4T-Twitter for Tablets comes in a free version only and is supported by third party adverts, but if and when it takes off, and there's no reason it shouldn't , then expect a pro-version of the Android App in the near future.

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