Sunday 17 June 2012

Apps to make everyday activities fun

On the surface of it, you would look at some apps and think "What's the point of that?" However some apps aren't really sold on their description but on how very brilliantly they do things. 

iDrate: Fun and intuitive Hydartion
Monitor App
Idrate hydration monitor is one of those cool apps not really sold by their description. If I offered an app to you that would monitor your water intake then you would probably not be very excited. If you used Idrate then it would be a different story though, as the hydration monitor app turns the mundane and everyday task of drinking water into a fun and interactive game. 

 Even the word "game" sells it short though as it is designed around a very intuitive and adult interface and really has a serious health message accessed through the form of the app. A quick tap here and there on the app and fluid intake is measured, and reminders to drink given if necessary, on a fun avatar filled screen who fills up like some kind of person shaped bar chart as you drink. 

There are even in app awards to earn for good hydration. We particularly like the screen where your fluid intake is chosen with a scaling bottle that scales up or down as your water amount is chosen. It was great fun just playing on this screen. 
 Water is the most essential substance for life so give the free hydration monitor Idrate a go, it really will make this important task fun.

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