Sunday 17 June 2012

Who's your Bubba?

YouBubbs-ading sparkle to memorable
Coming across as a really funky way to add comments to your pictures via an Android app is the very slickly designed "YouBubbs". It's a simple idea and really easy to execute, with the idea being that you can share what's being said (via Twitter, Facebook and other means) by adding a speech bubble to your "Bubba" .
 A Bubba being the very appealing avatars found in the YouBubbs app. Or you could just be boring and use any picture from your Gallery. 
 The Bubbas themselves are designed by talented artist Rajendra Yadav and are intended to be Fun and whimsical. They include Grandpa Bubba, Sally Bubba and my favourite Godfather Bubba. 
Princess Bubba-One of the many
Bubbas to help you express yourself
YouBubbs is a delightful way to share Instantly captured, had to be there quotes, from friends and family. We've all had the "Do you remember when X said..." moments in our life. 
Now with this quote sharing Android app(and on the Appstore too!) you can always relive that moment in a very cool and appealing way.

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