Wednesday 13 June 2012

Free iPad Racing Apps for the whole Family

Best free kids racing game
Free iPad racing for the whole family
We were shocked last week when Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing went free on the Appstore. Naturally with a pedigree of having the famous blue Hedgehog fronting an app we expected a racing game of quality. It's still quite unbelievable that Sonic racing is free, as the game certainly delivers on many fronts.
Slick graphics and an iPad racing app similar to Mario Kart make this family friendly racing game a huge hit. It already has numerous accolades from other gaming sites and you can see why. The simple gameplay of the kart like racer is easy to pick up and there are numerous races (Chao Cup; Graffiti Cup and EggCup are all on offer with many races in each). The characters mostly spring from the Sonic universe, but others like Ryo Hazuki and B.D Joe from Crazy Taxi make guest appearances as playable racers alongside other famous gaming characters. Representing for the Sega pantheon of characters.

We won't expound on the brilliance of this free iPad racing game as many others have already done so. What we will inform you of though is the brilliance that allows this racing game to appeal to all ages. Naturally our 9 year old took to the simple karting like a duck to water. We were very surprised to find the 3 year old also able to race with a modicum of success on Sonic and Sega AllStars Racing. 

Truly an iPad racing game for the whole family.

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