Wednesday 13 June 2012

Apps for social Networking: Introducing BuzzE

Social networking is one of the mobile generations biggest buzzwords. Alongside the obvious giants like Facebook, comes lateral networking through sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. It's not a stale field by any means either as new social networking sites are springing up daily Globally. Sites like Orkut and Odnoklassniki are especially becoming huge in non English speaking countries.

Social networking and smartphones go hand in hand as a good social networker is always interested in updating their status and seeing what their few or many friends are up to, so naturally a mobile phone is indispensable for good social networking. Now the problem is that many of these friend connection sites weren't designed specifically with Tablets and Smartphone apps in mind, so older networks , while still well represented with their social networking apps don't quite cut the mustard. A newcomer is needed with a fresh face and a clean slate, BuzzE is one of the newest social networks that we've come across and it has a very professional iOS app to back it up.

A small , free download to your respective Apple powered device puts BuzzE at your disposal. It touts itself as a mobile social network community and so works very well with your iPhone or iPad. Proximity to other users is an exciting feature that will allow you to be "buzzed" by people close to you. It's not about hooking up with other people , but really just a place to hang. Perhaps a new type of social network to bring that old neighbourhood feel back to our increasingly anti social ways of living.

The app itself is simple to use with a quick sign in process. Amongst other things you can search for local people or read and respond to BuzzE "streams" , basically the networking equivalent of forums. 
So if you're looking to find a new and sophisticated way to compare the best high school class rings or whatever you cool , young sophistocrats do on these social networking apps then give it a try.
We'll leave you with these words from their very own website that should persuade you to go on and download the latest iPhone/iPad social networking app:

Chat with your friends and exchange video audio and pictures
BuzzE gives you almost unlimited ways to interact. Share photos, send audio messages, and even videos. Feeling lazy and need to express something quickly? Our audiocons let you send sounds like kiss,applause,slap and laugh. We help you keep it light and keep it fun so go ahead and send someone 
a snore when you just can't work up the energy to say it's bedtime and I need to be at work in 3 hours

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