Sunday 24 June 2012

Free ways to Market Indie Apps and Games

Hi to all regular readers and developers interested in publicising their apps cheaply. We've been around for a while and our articles and connections have helped many apps get free exposure.
Marketing iOS and Android Apps
This is successful Indie blog that focusses on new and indie iOS and Android Apps. The ways I've monetised the blog are very similar to ways that a small app developer can slowly start to gain capital.There's no big secrets-just adsense; paid banners; paid links and paid promotion of smaller sites and projects.
The one thing that my app friendly blog and your apps have in common is the need to be known. I grow with traffic (so become a regular reader please!) and you guys thrive on app installs-so get your name out there!
 I'll help your apps gain a little exposure via my blog, just for your good wishes and word of mouth to get Gametrender more readers! 


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