Sunday 24 June 2012

Stellar Physics game on Android

Bright graphics make the most of
the Samsung Galaxy S3's screen
Given a powerful Android phone and a massive HD type screen there's just some games that you'd expect to work well. Naturally when we got our new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone as game reviewers phone of choice to replace a broken Xperia Play we tried out top titles like Angry Birds Space. Just to see if the bright HD Super Amoled screen was worthy. It was and so we're happy to announce our first game review using the Galaxy S3: Electrofly Odyssey as reviewed on Samsung Galaxy S3

Electrofly Odyssey a game worthy of a Galaxy S3?

We're very excited about this Android game review, as it not only gets us hands on with a new and good looking physics title, but also gives us the excuse to play with Gametrender's new Samsung S3. So throughout this article we'll be not only looking at how well the physics, gameplay and overall fun factor of Electrofly Odyssey work. But also if it should be included on a list of games that Samsung Galaxy S3 owners should have.

Firstly it's free which is a great thing, so it's a no brainer to download for nothing. The paid version however gets rid of the ads ( which aren't obtrusive). Graphics wise it's a good choice to review on Samsung's flagship phone as the high pixel density 4.8 " screen really shows off the bright primary colours of the game. Naturally with a physics heavy game hand drawn Da Vinci graphics aren't the order of the day, so expect the type of graphics reminiscent of Osmos and other Android physics games. Graphics that stand out but don't distract nor detract from the precision type of gameplay. On the Samsung Electrofly's graphics look very good indeed.
Electrofly Odyssey
New gaming mechanics keep things fresh..and complex!
For a physics game the gameplay is paramount, while nothing to deter the quad core beast from it's 2012 top gaming machine pinnacle the physics are all there and present and used in a variety of ways. Objective wise simply get the Electrofly from one portal to the next. Simple until space type physics get involved in the form of Asteroid obstacles ; repulsors ; attractors and more. With the first few level it seems that every level has a new gaming mechanic introduced which changes the gameplay. Naturally the game is score driven with the fewest moves gaining the most stars, once you think you've got it cracked another gameplay element is introduced causing much confusion.

We loved the way that the game kept us hooked by constantly shaking up the mix and making us play to get to see what physics type ideas the programmers could come up with next. Our only complaint is the lack of music and hopefully later versions will have achievements and change the types of Electroflies that need to be rescued.

A big win for both physics gaming on Android and a very worthy free title to play on the Galaxy S3 , or indeed any other Android machine.

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