Saturday 30 June 2012

Gadget Lovers Android Alarm of Choice

Alarm Clock Ultra
It's a sorry fact of life that every weekday most of the Planet has to get up and go to work. Well Android owners, your amazing Smartphones, whether the sexy HTC ONE X or the quad core Beast that is the  Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other Android for that matter can't change that simple fact of work life (yet!) but they sure as Hell can make a working man's day more pleasurable by waking you up with one of humanity's finest Android Alarms!

Alarm Clock Ultra Free is the Android alarm clock that Royalty and World Leaders would wake up to if they didn't have personal assistants. It makes old school analogue "beat it to stop it annoying you" alarm clocks look barbaric in comparison.
Put the Android alarm app up against rivals and you'll just be left shaking your head in despair at how poor others are in comparison.

In fact after using this rather nifty time sorting app I feel like protesting against the worthlessness of other Google Play offerings by using them and simply refusing to wake up in the morning, then when I lose the day job I'll be sure to send my calls for charity to support myself to the other app developers, because really and truly other alarm apps NEED to be of the same stellar brilliance that Appsdev have been able to come up with!

Quick Sleep Alarm
Really Gametrender, you're asking, is it true and not just pure bombasticness?All you eager Android users who are looking for the best alarm app available on Google Play are certainly wondering what all the fuss is about. Quite simply , before I list the multiple features (oh, and did I mention how massively customisable and easy to use the alarm app is) let's just say that if you're looking at any time dependant tasks that need a premier smartphone to handle them then this alarm app is for you.

A nice little checklist of what the perfect alarm app should have:
Android alarm app
Puzzle to Stop your Alarm

  • Multiple featured alarms with a huge amount of features
  • Stopwatch and Timer included
  • An Eggtimer!
  • And we absolutely love the ability to one button press for a quick snooze to a two hour siesta
Cleverly enough unlike many "dumb alarms" these ones featured in this chronological masterpiece make you work hard! Now you could just wake up and turn your alarm off, and probably go straight back to sleep, or you could use Alarm Clock Ultra and have to solve a simple puzzle or a maths problem to turn your alarm off. Now that's a sexy feature that will really wake you up and get the brain juices flowing for a productive day.
Join the horological Android revolution by downloading:
Alarm Clock Ultra

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