Saturday 30 June 2012

Games for QuadCore Phones

Games for quad core phones
Lightopus now on Android
2012 has seen a Turing revolution of Android phones with Quad Core toting beasts like the Samsung Galaxy S3 competing with rivals like the HTC One-X and other powerhouses like the Nitro HD and Razr Maxx to be the most overpowered handsets currently on the market. But what's the use of all this hardware madness unless you have apps to make the most of the power at your disposal. 
Well Lightopus comes with the warning that it is a game for Android that is both CPU and GPU intensive, so is a worthy title to be though of for inclusion on a list of games best for quadcore Android phones. Is it?

Stylistically gamers of recent Android titles will notice the neon brilliance of Lightopus and automatically see the similarities between Robotek ;Radiant and other neon games for Android. But this is not a neon game, it's an amazing tour de force of what programmers can do when taxing Android phones. 
A vivid Radiant like graphics style, coupled with GPU intensive moving backdrops is the canvas upon which these master developers have chosen to paint their beautiful game. And it works gloriously. The soundtrack coupled with these flickering and evocative sprites leads you gently into a by turns frantic and peaceful world where your "Last of its kind" Lightopus sets forth to rescue it's kin. 
Graphically intensive Android game
Android neon brilliance
The arcade like game oozes zen like addictiveness, some reviews have panned the control system as not being precise enough, but have completely missed the point. The floaty, imprecise nature of your Lightopus' movement as it floats through the abyss and by turns avoids and takes on monsters, when it has it's rescued "Bulbies" in tow makes the game a joy to play, not just for the score hounds amongst us, but also for those that just love to be immersed in a game. 
The nature of the realms and beasts that you are personifying and fighting against are so alien that the game becomes a pure escapist pleasure.

Lightopus was recently featured on the Appstore  and now that it has made the transition to Android we hope that the graphically intensive and mesmerising game will bring gamers touting both Quad core phones and lesser devices as much pleasure as it has brought iPhone owners.

As to the question posed in the opening paragraph: Is it a game to play on Quad core Devices: Graphically superb and immensely playable; you'll be certain to get the most out of Lightopus if you own a powerful Android Phone.

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