Thursday 14 June 2012

Gaikai for iPad

Does Gaikai work for iPad? If you're a serious iOS gamer this should be a question at the top of your gaming agenda.Firstly,if you're not familiar with Gaikai ( it means Open Ocean by the way)then quite simply it's another game streaming service similar to Onlive. However Gaikai seems to be making even more waves in the Open Ocean of game streaming with rumoured deals on the horizon with Samsung and Lg and a host of top games available at the moment. A quick visit over to their website shows The Witcher 2 and Tera as two of the newer games available, alongside a host of others. But to return to the question "Does Gaikai work on IPad?" As I got very excited to instantly try a demo of Combat Wings on my IPad this morning via Gaikai I was met with the disappointing message that "Gaikai is coming soon for IPad". I'll be contacting the pr of the new game streaming service to find out exactly what they mean by coming soon and hopefully get an answer as to when it will be available, as I'm sure that you're as excited as me to try it!


  1. And what thei say about ios ?

  2. I'm still waiting for Gaikai's PR to give mean answer but they're still keeping things under wraps.


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